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Numbered columns of pixels associated. One or more processors 1110 in FIG. According to the present embodiment, pixel row traversal order, determine the next geometry assignment answers as the current pixel, and determines a pixel before the current pixel, as the pixel correlation forward, achieved in the RGB image data is converted YUV444 format geometry assignment answers data is the reduced amount of calculation. S23, if the current RGB signal and the RGB pixels indicative of a front pixel points related to the same signal, related to the instruction signal to the YUV pixel points acquired before, and assigned to the current pixel YUV signal. The device processor 1110, memory 1120, input devices 1130 and output devices 1140 may be connected through a bus or other means, through a bus 11 connected to an Example. S13, if the current RGB signal and the RGB pixel points before the instruction signal to the relevant pixel is the same, a signal indicating the relevant YUV pixel is geometry assignment answers before, and assigned to the current pixel YUV signal. FIG 11 is a schematic structural diagram of a hardware device of the present disclosure provide a ninth embodiment of an image conversion method. numbered columns on the relevant pixel, its signal is indicative of YUV component signal Y on the odd columns prior to the relevant pixel points. FIG 6 shows a YUV422 data format. The apparatus may further comprise: an input device 1130 and an output device 1140. Embodiments of the present disclosure provide the technical solutions, the RGB component signal RGB component signal and the pixel before the pixel compared to another before calculating the component signal YUV pixel corresponding to the point a by the same if both directly copies of a component signal YUV pixel points before, so that geometry assignment answers digital image conversion is performed considering the correlation between the different pixels, and effectively utilizing the correlation reduces the computational conversion of the image between the pixels. If an RGB format image, the following equation can be used to convert the image into an image format RGB YUV format. S21, acquiring RGB pixel before the current instruction signal to the relevant pixel from the buffer. the above method a digital image conversion method in the embodiment. S914, calculates a current pixel signal Y component, the Y component signal and a second write buffer. After ks1 homework a current pixel, YUV signals from the RGB signal of the current pixel, further comprising: updating the current pixel RGB signal to the buffer. The buffer area is reserved for the relevant instruction signal to the RGB pixel cache before, when there are many types of storage in the form of signals, while there may be a plurality of pixels related to the front, a corresponding plurality of cache. The present embodiment provides a technical solution to digital image conversion means. point scanning of each pixel. That is, both the Y component of each pixel signal which corresponds to 41, 42 also has a U component and the V signal component of the signal which corresponds to 43. This patent application claims the July 3, 2015 filed Application No. S25, the RGB signals of the current pixel to update the buffer. Disclosed in an embodiment of the invention are a numerical image conversion method and device.

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